Real Estate Nostalgia - 70 yr old For Sale Sign

, 15 Nov 2016

This subdivision is the first land release between Mlba and Caloundra.

The bridge did not exist and we ferried clients by motor boat, landing near La Balsa Park

Our kitchen table was used to roll out the map under a tree .  From memory, land sold for around 700 pounds a block. 

My dad bought the 160 acres in 1942, after the original owner decided not to continue to  pay rates to the Landsborough Shire Council. I think the price paid for the land was 25 pounds in total for all land to high tide mark between Mc kenzies bridge and La Balsa, across to the surf beach high tide mark.

Cyril sold half to Arthur a couple of years later.

Warm regards,

Grahame Parkyn